What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is one of the miracle materials of our modern age, it is more durable and more cost effective than almost every alternative, furthermore it has many properties that make it an ideal surfacing agent for just about every surface.

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DIY With Our Guide

More and more homeowners are looking to use epoxy floor coatings for many surfaces around their home, from garage floors, to counter tops and even in some instances using epoxy resins for home art projects. The application of a resin coating will enhance and protect a variety of surfaces frоm damage caused by water or chemicals. They make іt easy to keep these levels clean, and the shine lasts for a long tіme.

We know how many Aussies love to get hands on with their home projects and put their epoxy coating on themselves. So we’ve built a home DIY guide to help you get your epoxy coating just right, so that you can enjoy your new flooring for decades to come.

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At Perth Epoxy Supplies we have been delivering quality products and a quality service for over a decade, ensuring that every client we service is completely satisfied with the final product we deliver.

We specifically tailor our services to each project and client. Becoming actively involved with with your project and your team, so that we may better understand your needs and build a strong working relationship with you.


Our Tools Range

When you need tools that are strong, durable and long lasting, we've got the solutions with our comprehensive range of tools. Whether you are an independent contractor, a construction firm, or another construction professional you can purchase the highest quality tools from our tool centre.

What Are Epoxy Flakes?

One of the ways you can make epoxy resin more aesthetically pleasing and give it some decorative flair is through mixing the resin solution with coloured vinyl chips and flakes. This gives the final product a distinct speckled look, a sort of mosaic design known as terrazzo.

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